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Working From Home

Let’s be honest not every business can go straight into having their own office space (super exciting if you can though!) So more often than not, you will find yourself starting your small businesses from the comfort of your home. If this is the case, it’s important to establish good ‘working from home’ habits so that you can feel your best in both your working and home environments.

Even if you don’t own your own business, these habits are just as important to establish for those lucky enough to enjoy working from home these days.

Our top tips to effectively manage working from home:

1. Create Your Space

If possible, have a dedicated working space where you can switch off from feeling like you’re at home. This means avoiding working in the areas where you relax or spend your time with your friends and/or family. It is also important that you create a space that encourages productivity, so fill the room with items that will spark inspiration and joy and steer away from adding items that may distract you. You finally have a chance to create a workspace perfectly suited to you, so dream big and get creative.

2. Establish Boundaries

In the early days of working from home it can be difficult for those you live with to understand and adapt to your new lifestyle and routine. We suggest creating boundaries for both them and yourself and developing good communication so that there is a clear understanding for when you are in ‘work mode’ vs ‘home mode’. We also recommend creating some consistency in your working pattern, so that your family and/or friends can still feel comfortable in their home (A last minute video conference at 8pm might not be the way to go if your household has to stay quiet). Just as important as it is to think about others, make sure to also think of yourself too. Working from home can become challenging if you don’t let yourself relax and recharge, so remember to stop and give yourself breaks, balance is key! 

3. Organisation is Key

Without organisation you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed by everything on your to-do list. We suggest clearing your head by creating a list of tasks you want to achieve within the day, week and/or month and then allocating these tasks accordingly. By developing a plan, this will help you establish a good work-life balance. Check out our 3 month plan for help on creating a successful plan, as well as our Daily Planner and Medium Notepad to assist with managing your daily tasks.

Ready to take action? We suggest these next steps: 

  1. If you’re currently feeling uninspired in your WFH space, it’s time to declutter! Tidy up your desk and drawers, throw away old documents and remove any items that are taking up unnecessary space.
  1. During your next WFH session, think about how you use the space and note down what you notice. Is there anything missing? Do you constantly have to leave the room to go get something? What could you add to the space to inspire you daily? What could be better organised? At the end of the day, go through your notes and make a list of your ideal changes.
  2. Schedule time aside to work through your changes.

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With happiness,
Ash + Lauren

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