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Overcoming Guilt

Let’s face it, we have all experienced a moment of guilt when for one reason or another we can’t stick to our plans. For the most part the situation will be out of our control, but why do we feel the guilt anyway? 

This post will help provide you some insight into how to manage guilt should you find yourself in this position currently or experience it in the future.

Recognise the feeling 

If you ignore the feeling of guilt then it may potentially grow into something more if you don’t address it. Whilst it may be uncomfortable, it is important to sit with the feeling for a few minutes and recognise it rather than ignore it. Try and focus on your breathing to allow the feeling to pass or if this technique doesn’t suit you try journaling for a few minutes or writing down some words that express what you are going through.

Be kind to yourself 

If you allow negative self-talk to consume you when you are already feeling guilty you are going to compound your guilt. If you can’t change the outcome, embrace where you are in a positive way and simply be kind to yourself. Do something nice just for you whether this is sitting for a few minutes enjoying a cup of tea or reading an uplifting quote to shift your perspective. 


The worst thing you can do is just hide away and keep your feelings to yourself. Confide in a friend and they can help you see another perspective. As they say a problem shared is a problem halved! If there is any chance to avoid the same situation happening again then chatting about a potential strategy can help you learn for next time. 

Ready to take action? We suggest these next steps:

  1. Write down the things that are making you feel guilty
  2. Shift your mindset from feeling guilty and focus on the positives 
  3. If possible, plan ahead to avoid feeling this way in the future

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With happiness,
Ash + Lauren

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