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Never Skip Breakfast

For us, breakfast is our most important meal of the day and we both can’t function without it! We see breakfast as a must when it comes to setting ourselves up to have a productive day. In saying this we are no experts when it comes to nutrition, we just believe in intuitively eating, listening to your body and doing what’s right for you. If you are on the fence about whether or not to start having breakfast each morning, continue reading for our reasons behind why we believe it’s so important! 

Why are we pro breakfast?

We both haven’t always been lovers of breakfast and have both gone through phases of skipping breakfast (which is totally fine if this works for you!) However, over the years we have discovered that breakfast fuels our minds and bodies for the day ahead. Over time though we both started to realise it wasn’t that we didn’t enjoy breakfast, we just didn’t have enough time to sit down and enjoy breakfast to start with. Once we started making time for this within our morning routine we were able to enjoy our daily breakfast and also found our productivity increase.

I want to start having breakfast, what do you suggest? 

Starting with small steps and not making a drastic change is our number one recommendation for creating any new habit. Planning ahead will also help with adding variety and making sure that you don’t get bored, as we want you to be excited for what you have on your menu! We both use our Meal Planner for the week to plan out our options. An extra tip is to make sure to also include foods that you enjoy eating.

I don’t have any breakfast ideas – help! 

We love anything quick and easy and in our 11 Steps to Living Your Best Life eBook we have included 3 of our go-to breakfast recipes which are delicious and equally nutritious. Download our eBook for FREE via our Lifestyle Collection

We also have our private Facebook group – The Duo Channel where we and our community share a range of recipes from breakfast through to snacks and dinners! If you have any of your favourites to add please post them in the group as our group is all about sharing tips for living your best life. 

Ready to take action? We suggest these next steps: 

  1. Write a list of the type of breakfasts you would enjoy and have time to make in the morning.
  2. Gradually work through your ideas each day and/or week to find what you like best. It’s likely you’ll choose one go-to breakfast for weekdays that you can quickly make and enjoy and be a little more adventurous on the weekends when you have more time. 

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With happiness,
Ash + Lauren

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