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How to Practise Gratitude

Practising Gratitude

Practising gratitude is one of the most rewarding practices that we use to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Amongst the challenges of daily life, implementing a daily gratitude practice is sure to change your state of mind and remind you of what is important. 

So why practise?

Like everything in life practise makes perfect and the same applies to starting on your gratitude journey. Some days it can be easier than others to feel grateful and here lies the challenge – practise when you think you don’t have anything to be grateful for and it can change your whole state of mind. Let’s face it, as individuals we want to become good at something straight away and the beauty with this practise is that some days it will be easy to list a dozen things and sometimes you find it hard to find one. The important thing is to practise and make the time to truly reflect.

What are some examples of gratitude? 

Everyday will be different when it comes to what you feel you are grateful for and ultimately it can be what you think is the most simplest thing. Think about the basics of living – water, food, shelter or clothing. How would your life be without these things? You can even then reflect on moments with friends, conversations shared or even advice received. These are just some prompts when it comes to getting started on your gratitude journey. 

How can I start my journey to gratitude? 

Having a gratitude journal can be a great way for you to track your journey and if you are having a day where you feel there is nothing to be grateful for it can be amazing to look back at everything you have been grateful for so that you can reset and refocus your attitude towards that day.

Make your gratitude journal something that you want to go to everyday so choosing a notebook that you like the design of is really important. Setting time aside each day as you would to eat or exercise is a great way to build the habit and you will be sure to start to enjoy these moments of reflection. Perhaps start with one thing you are grateful for and then build up to finding 3 or more things each day that really stood out and remember it doesnt need to be something extraordinary but just something that really resonated with you that day.

If making the time to start writing is a challenge in the beginning even start with verbally saying out loud one thing you are grateful each day either in the morning or before you go to sleep. 

We are so grateful that you have taken the time to read this post! 

With happiness,
Ash + Lauren 

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