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Ready Set Plan

Ready, Set, Plan!

What a year 2019 has been and firstly we apologise that its been a while since we have posted on our blog! There has been lots going on within our little side hustle, personal life and working full time, so thank you in advance for your understanding!

We wanted to touch base before the end of 2019 with this post so that you can start your 2020 off with a bang! If you are one of those people that finds yourself writing your new year goals a few hours before you head off to a New Years celebration then we give you the challenge of getting organised now and setting a new trend for yourself.

We recently sat down as a duo and mapped out our goals for 2020 and wanted to share the process of what we did to make things a little easier on you. Whether you have a small business you are managing, a hectic social life or perhaps both then the steps below will hopefully help you gain some clarity.

Step 1: Write down everything that you are wanting to achieve for the next year. Do you want to launch a product, travel, present yourself at your first creative market? It’s great to have a list, however if it becomes too overwhelming you may decide to focus on 3 big goals over 12 months. Make sure your goals are visible by typing them out in a document that you check often, have them as your screensaver or as a pop up on your phone. Whatever reminds you they are there.

Step 2: Now let’s focus on what is achievable for yourself within a month. This needs to be realistic for your circumstances to bring you a step closer to your larger goals. Again, focusing on 3-5 tasks will help you get a step closer to the larger yearly goal.
We are currently only looking at the month of January and what goals are possible to achieve both individually and what is dependent on both of us. We will then review towards the end of January and set new goals for February and so on.
By using an online system such as Trello you can create boards to have an easy reference and track your progress. We also keep track of our tasks and events on our monthly calendar if you are anything like us and prefer to have a hard copy overview on your fridge!

Step 3: Allocate time for your tasks each week so that you will effectively start to tick off your monthly tasks. We set particular days during the week where possible, but you need to allocate the time to sit and do the task. By looking at the bigger picture and then breaking it down into smaller parts you will get there!

Our promise to you in 2020 is to maintain consistency in what we are sharing on our blog, instagram feed and stories as well as launch a few exciting things along the way – stay tuned for what is coming!

Thanks for sharing in an amazing year with us and we wish you and your family all the best for the holiday season.

Should you have any questions or suggestions for what you might like to see in 2020, send us an email hello@theplannedduo.com

With happiness,
Ash + Lauren

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