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Deciding to go for it

Deciding to go for it

Starting a business isn’t for everyone and you need to be the one or in our case two that makes the decision to just go for it.

More often than not, people say that we are so lucky that we have our business. We would have to agree only in the sense that we were lucky to find each other when we did. Other than that it has been hard work since we started to continue to bring our vision to life.

If you have your business idea and are not sure what to do next, our advice is to stop waiting for the right moment but take another step forward today and do something towards growing your business. 

It might be as simple as finally deciding on a business name or deciding on your brands style. Trust us- there is no secret except just taking small steps forward. 

Break down your bigger goals into achievable parts and everything will soon start to seem possible. Being a duo certainly has its advantages as we are both here supporting each other, but also holding each other accountable. If you happen to be a sole trader, maybe consider making friends with another sole trader and keep each other on track with your individual goals. 

Our little business has gone through so many changes over the last 2 years and we both know it will continue to grow, change and evolve and we couldn’t be more excited! We want to let you know that you can do anything you want to if you simply just go for it! 

We love to hear from businesses and individuals who are on a similar journey, so feel free to email us at hello@theplannedduo.com 

With happiness,

Ash + Lauren

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