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Why we love crystals

Why We Love Crystals

Let’s just start by saying what isn’t there to love about crystals!? If you don’t know much about crystals then we are delighted to be sharing what we know and how our love for them began. 

To be honest, both of us were drawn to crystals as most of them are so pretty and you can’t help but wonder what they are. We are certainly no experts but we have listed below as few of our favs that we have slowly collected over the years and why they are important to us.

Rose Quartz 

One of the first crystals you associate directly to love. Whether that be self love or wanting to feel more love around you, this one has such a positive energy that you instantly feel love.

Clear Quartz

Great for grounding and balancing your mind and body. We love it mostly because it amplifies positivity and happiness so what’s not to love? 


When things get stressful turn to this beauty to stabilize your thoughts and connect you to the present moment. 


Your first thought when you see Pyrite is that it is so pretty! It’s sparkle is what attracts most people and can be known as the confidence rock and considered to have protective properties so next time you feel a bit unsure let Pyrite protect you! 

Crystals hold a unique energy for us and are very grounding within our business life to help keep us centred. You can choose to bring crystals with you and place them within your home or office, meditate with them or hold them to feel their energy and use them as support.

If you are looking to learn more about crystals we were lucky enough to experience a talk from the amazing Beckie and Jess from Hart Roks who sell crystals online and share amazing information once a month. We highly recommend subscribing to their mailing list as their emails are full of amazing information always! They have amazing starter packs so if you have even the smallest interest this can be the perfect way to get started!

We are always here to chat and love to discuss topics regarding lifestyle and well-being. If you have something to share we would love to hear from you. Send an email to hello@theplannedduo.com

With happiness,

Ash + Lauren  

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