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A Mindful Moment

A Mindful Moment

Meditation and mindfulness has been something that has become part of our routine and we wanted to go into a little more detail of how we are consciously integrating meditation and mindfulness into our daily lives.

In the chaos of the everyday for most people it can be difficult to switch off.  If you are anything like us there seems to be the never ending to do list that is hanging over you that is always on your mind and you feel guilty for taking time out.

Business can be stressful for most and we would be lying if we said that we are never stressed or overthink small details. What is important though is to have an awareness of where you are at this particular moment and to consciously aim for balance. Remember, everything is practise especially when it comes to training your mind to be the best that it can be.

We have been lucky enough to be part of a meditation experience through a friend of ours who calls herself The Modern Meditator. Each week we have been learning different styles of meditation and mindfulness to integrate into our daily life. The most important thing we have taken away is that there are so many different ways to meditate and every one will have a different experience. 

The course is a 6 week introduction into the different styles and we gathered in a group for 1 hour each week. It is important to think of meditation and mindfulness as something you are doing for you rather than another thing on your to do list. Having knowledge of the different styles allows you to change up your practise depending on what you feel drawn to when you allocate the time to meditate. 

Meditation to us gives us the ability to check in with where we are at both mentally and physically as it is not usually daily practise to look internally and see how you are really feeling. The great thing is the idea of having ‘no pressure’ to perform or achieve anything except just being one with yourself.

If anyone is looking for an introduction we highly recommend checking out The Modern Meditor for more details.

Remember, the best thing you can do for yourself is to make time for you! 

With happiness,

Ash + Lauren

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