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Working From Home

Working From Home

Working from Home 

Let’s be honest not every business can go straight into having their own office space (super exciting if you can though!) and more often than not most small businesses start at home in either a spare room or garage. 

We understand that there is so much to do when you are growing your small business and your home is also where you find time to relax and recharge. So what are our tips to effectively manage working from home?

1. Create Your Space

If possible have a dedicated space where you work on your business. If you can avoid working in the spaces where you relax this will help you be productive when you need to be and let your mind switch off when it needs to. It is also important to create a space that allows you to be productive. There is a time for Netflix, so having a TV in your ‘office’ space probably shouldn’t be a priority. Instead think of having a desk of some kind and having everything you need to run your business in easy access. The more time you can save the better!

2. Establish Boundaries

In the early days of creating your business it can be difficult for those you live with to understand what you are trying to do and the time it takes to build your business on the daily. We suggest creating boundaries for both them and yourself so you know when you are in ‘home mode’ and when you are in ‘work mode’. Create consistency by working on your business on particular days of the week and on weekends make sure that you create time for other things that you also enjoy. Balance is key! 

3. Organisation is Key

Without organisation you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed with everything that you have to do. Having a list of things that you want to achieve within the day or week and then allocating these tasks will help you find the work life balance. Our 3 month plan helps us stay on track and also our Daily Planner and My List are the perfect companion to keep note of everything we have to do. 

For any questions or if you simply want to reach out email hello@theplannedduo.com 

With happiness,

Ash + Lauren

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