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Duo Tips Responding

TPD Tips: Responding

Receiving enquiries is an exciting part of running a business and if you have read our previous post on How to Manage Your Enquiries then you should now have a clearer idea on how to stay on track.

Managing your enquiries is one thing but you must be able to respond effectively in order to secure the job or sale.

So what are our tips to effectively respond to enquiries?

1. Respond as quickly as possible

When an enquiry comes through make sure to respond as quickly as you can, we recommend within 30 minutes if possible. Keep your response brief and end with a short question that encourages a reply and allows communication to continue. If you can’t reply in detail within at least write back to let them know that their email has been received and you will be in touch shortly. This type of response is something you can set up as a template allowing you to easily adapt and respond on the go. 

2. Don’t overwhelm your customers

When you’re excited about your brand and what your business has to offer it can be easy to want to share every piece of information with your potential client, however, it’s important to limit this initially. We recommend communicating back and forth, focusing on building report and getting a clear understanding of what is being asked of you before going into detail as to what you can do for them. This will enable trust as you guide them through the process step by and step and sell yourself as the right person for the job.

3. Set your tone of voice

It is so important to ‘be real’ with your clients. They want to know there is a real voice and person behind your business and brand. Try to be both friendly and professional when it comes to replying. Establish consistency by using a signature greeting before replying to their questions and always sign off with a personal touch. (If you’ve chatted with us via email, you would have noticed that our signature sign off is ‘With happiness’ and that is true to our character)

We understand that every business is different and we are here to work with you step by step to help you achieve the best for your brand. If you need assistance in creating response templates or want to chat in more detail simply email hello@theplannedduo.com and we promise to be in touch! 

With happiness,

Ash + Lauren

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