Mind Over Matter

Throughout this glorious journey of creating your business you will come across people who will somehow know how you can make it better despite them just discovering what you even do!

You need to remember that everyone will have their opinion about what you are doing or ‘should be’ doing, however let’s face it doing the work to make it happen is a lot harder than making a passing comment!

To all of you giving it a go and making steps forward to make your dreams happen – well done! Please take a moment to celebrate what you have achieved thus far. If you are currently working a nine to five job like us or have just started to make a hobby into a little more by letting your friends and family know what you are doing in your spare time, this is a time to celebrate!

So what to do when someone has an opinion about what you are doing?

Let’s face it we all have opinions about everything and you are going to have to deal with the opinions of others every day. You can’t control what the opinions are, but you can control how you let them affect you!

For us, we are lucky we have each other for support when an unpleasant opinion weeds it’s way into our sight, however if you are battling your business alone (go you!) it is important to have someone that you can talk to about what you are feeling when you are dealing with a negative opinion.

When it comes to dealing with another person’s opinion think of it as just that – it is their opinion. The important thought to then consider next is how much value do I want to place on what this person has said. Do they have their own business? Do they have any experience that relates to what they are saying? If it is affecting you emotionally try and pinpoint why this may be. A lot of the time what someone else says is a reflection of what they may be going through themselves and their insecurity.

So how do I start to build up my mind to not let it matter?

Surrounding yourself with amazing supportive people that love your brand and ‘get you’ is what we recommend to strive for. There is a reason why people look to be a part of a community as there is strength in numbers and the same goes for positive thinking!

Appreciate the support of the amazing positive people that already love and understand what your brand is trying to do! When a negative comment or suggestion comes through, process it and then decide how to make it work for you. If it has no relevance whatsoever then disregard it, if it seems somewhat relevant then consider it and work to implement it on your terms!

We are here to support you and want you to continue working towards creating your best life through your business journey. Email hello@theplannedduo.com to arrange a consultation and share a chai with us!

With happiness,

Ash + Lauren

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