The Choice

The Choice

Let’s face it as a business we make decisions each and every day. Most of them are the day to day operations and what we think is going to be the most effective long term.

However, sometimes you hit a major crossroad, one that you think you may never be ready for and you are forced to make a choice – stay where you are or make a change.

More often than not we become complacent with where we are in life. We think at a certain age we should have accomplished an invisible set of criteria in accordance with what society holds highly and if we don’t ‘make’ it within that timeframe then we feel like we have failed. We have all been there and we want you to know that you haven’t failed if you are deciding on a different direction for your business.

When you decide to take a different path that doesn’t align with what is the norm then it can really rock you into a world of uncertainty and cause you to question everything.

So what do you do?

There are always two sides to making a decision and each side will have its relative pros and cons. Even then, what seems like the most logical solution in the moment may not be what will be best in the long term. As humans we are creatures of habit and thrive on security and comfort so the fear of not having stability may cause you to stay in your current situation until you decide to change it.

The fear of the ‘unknown’ is what we believe keeps people doing the same thing each and every day. We’re not saying that if you have been in a job for the past 20 years you should automatically change it,  If you really love what you do, perfect! However if you don’t feel happy every day and question whether it aligns with your goals, then it’s time to make that change.

I know I’m ready for a change, but now what?

It may be hard to define your direction into a single path especially if you have multiple interests. So if you find yourself lost or confused we recommend starting with a mind map. This allows you to put your thoughts on paper without any pressure of knowing what any of it means and will slowly highlight common themes.

If you don’t figure it out right away that’s ok! Be patient with yourself whilst you are figuring it out and exploring all the different possibilities.

How will I know I have made a good choice?

Trust your gut! It will tell you everything when you are presented with an opportunity and we would say listen to those instincts! If it doesn’t feel right at that moment it may not be the right step at this point in time.

Asking a couple of people whom you feel close to can also help when you have a big decision to make and can add a different perspective and will usually confirm what you were already feeling!

We want you to know that we have your back when it comes to building your brand! We care and we want to help you fulfil the vision you have for your business. Email hello@theplannedduo.com to find out more about our custom packages.

With happiness,

Ash + Lauren

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