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Be Open To Change

Be Open to Change

If there is one word that we would use to sum up our small business journey thus far is ‘change’.

For a number of people change or even the idea of change can be a scary concept, however it is important to understand that change leads into evolution.

Since starting our business the amount of changes that we have gone through has been fundamental to where we are at this point in time. As you may have noticed we are in the process of changing our social media direction to reflect our core vision as well as defining our brand for overall consistency.

The idea of ‘change’ isn’t the most comfortable subject especially in small business these days when you have launched and then find what you have done is not working in the ways that you hoped it would. In saying this we want to say that if you are not inspired by your current direction know that it is possible to regain clarity.

These are a few questions you can ask yourself if you find yourself stuck in your current situation and are on the search for a new perspective.

1.  What do you think you need to change?

Pinpoint what you think is not working in your business and try to answer why you think this is the case. For us we found we wanted our brand to be so many different things as we have a variety of passions, however as a result we were not becoming known for something and therefore we needed to reconnect ourselves with our vision.

2. What action can you take today to start this change?

Once you know what you are trying to change the next step is to start setting your goals for how you are going to implement the change. It is all good and well to admit something needs to change, however if you do nothing about it then you are going to remain exactly where you are. It’s important to understand that it will take time for the change to occur as it took time for you to get to the position that you are in now.

3. Where is your head at?

When it comes to taking daily action you need to understand where your head’s at. For example if you are tired or uninspired about making the change then maybe you need to reconsider what you are doing and if that is actually the thing that you need to be changing. Ideally, when you think about change it should feel positive, inspiring and that it is going to start to solve your problem.

Tracking your changes will help you see if the decision you have made is working for you or not. We track and monitor what is happening in the various aspects of our business to ensure that we can visually see what is working positively for us and what may need more consideration.

Remember, taking a step today to change something that is bothering you within your business or personally will help you evolve into a better tomorrow.

For any questions please email us hello@theplannedduo.com. We love hearing from like minded businesses and individuals.

With happiness,

Ash + Lauren

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