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It All Starts With A Plan

It All Starts With A Plan

When we first decided to become the ‘duo’ our shared interest for organisation and design brought us together. Our planner range which we use every day helps us stay on track and stay accountable for our goals.

So if you are wanting to organise your life we have outlined how we use each of our planners so that you can plan for success.

The Monthly:

We love to use our monthly planner to outline what we have on for the month. It is a quick reference and simplified version of what we have on and a great way to know what we have upcoming.

The Daily:

Our personal favourite and the first planner we designed as part of our range. Write down your list of tasks you want to accomplish and prioritise your top three tasks for the day. Use the time slots to help keep you on track and remind you what you did achieve.

My List:

This is the perfect multi purpose list to use for all areas of your life. Use to write down everything you need to do for the week or as a shopping list. You won’t forget anything as long as it is on your list.

Fitness Planner:

Our companion for tracking our fitness journey. A great planner to have an overview of food, sleep, water intake and exercise.

Meal Planner:

Healthy eating is a high priority for us and we aim for balance each day. By making a plan for our meals for the week we don’t over buy food and can ensure there is variety throughout the week. This one is great to bring with you to hold yourself accountable throughout the day.

Medium Notepad:

Our love for writing and drawing inspired the design of this notepad. The perfect size for meetings or those moments when you are looking for a piece of paper! We use this one throughout the day to jot down ideas and concepts.

Small Notepad:

Designed to sit on your desk or carry with you in your handbag. We love using this one for little reminders or to note down ideas whilst on the go. Featuring a grid design makes it versatile for writing or drawing.

You can purchase and view our full range of planners online via our website https://www.theplannedduo.com/shop/

If there is a planner that you don’t see here and would love to let us know what will make your life easier simply email us hello@theplannedduo.com  

With happiness,

Ash + Lauren

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